Buying or Selling - An Emotional Journey

Buying and selling a home often brings out a wide range of emotions, both good and bad. This is totally understandable as moving is one of the biggest stressors we go through in life, right behind death and divorce. The process can be exhaustive and can take a toll on one’s mental well being if you’re not careful. This is why it is SO important for you to have an experienced real estate professional guiding the way. They will help to remove the emotion from the process that will allow you to easier see the big picture and make better decisions. Personally, I am a strong believer that things happen for a reason and although there may be disappointments along the way, all will be okay in the end. My 18+ years of experience as a real estate professional has taught me this and I’ve seen it happen time and time again. It is easier said than done though because the uncertainty that goes hand-in-hand with buying and selling is just extremely unnerving. Finding a steady, compassionate and reassuring professional can remove a lot of the stress. I have noticed some patterns in the emotions of my clients and that you will probably experience when you go to buy or sell a home.

  • Optimistic – most of my clients come to me with sheer joy and excitement when they start out their journey. They are eager to see homes and/or prepare their home for sale.
  • Overwhelmed –During the early stages of buying and selling process Buyers often become overwhelmed by the different possibilities in terms of locations, styles of homes, and trying to create and imagine the life they would have lived in those different homes and neighborhoods.  Seller’s are often overwhelmed by preparing their home for sale, the many showings, keeping their homes clean, plus all of the feedback (good and bad) that they receive from buyers and agents. You may also get overwhelmed in the later stages of the process when the logistics of actually packing up and moving are in full swing or when you house is sold and you don’t know where you’re going to live. Try to remain calm and don’t be afraid to lean on your agent for moral support. It’s completely normal to feel this way!
  • Disappointed- There is often setbacks that may occur along this journey. It may be when you don’t get any offers on your home and your agent suggests that you need to reduce the price, or when you find the home of your dreams only to get outbid by another buyer, or you go into contract and there are major inspection issues discovered. These are just a few of the things that you might experience along the way. Here’s when I go back to the mantra that everything happens for a reason! 
  • Eager – once my clients have a buyer, or find a home to purchase they are very eager to get the process started and to try to negotiate a good deal. 
  • Frustrated – The back and forth of negotiations can often become frustrating. Sometimes negotiations are prolonged, people have unrealistic expectations or they can dig in their heels. This is the time when a good agent with solid negotiating experience guides, calms your fears and helps moves the negotiations forward using their skill and insight to offer solutions and answer your "what if" concerns by sharing how past negotiations have worked out.
  • Relieved – when the offer is accepted and all the proverbial “ducks” are in a row, there is smooth sailing towards that closing date.
  • Sentimental – when moving from a house where your kids grew up or other great memories live, it can bring out those sentimental tears. Packing family photos and newly found items once thought to be lost forever can pull on your heartstrings. Memories flood in and you may not want to leave, but looking ahead to new memories to be made brings out a sense of adventure and excitement that can’t be paralleled.
  • Excited – Moving Day!!! Transitions and change are never easy but you did it and now it’s time to celebrate!

The home buying and selling process can be an emotional rollercoaster, but it is well worth it in the end. The average person moves about every 5 years*. When will your next move be? If your plans include a move from, to, or within Monmouth County New Jersey, it would be my pleasure to help you!

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