2023 2nd Quarter Market Update

Happy Summer!  After a couple of years of writing solely about the market conditions I thought I would shift gears to focus on homeownership; specifically, how to maintain your home to optimize the value.

Oftentimes, I don't hear from people until a few months before they plan to sell their homes because they feel bad bothering me.  Please don't!  If you ever are uncertain about whether you should make a large investment in your home, give me a call.  It's not important to me if your when you plan to sell your property.  I think of relationships with my clients as life long and not transactional, so I'm happy to consult with you about these sorts of things!

If you do plan to sell in the next 5-7 years, consulting with me on large improvements is essential.  I can help you to do a cost benefit analysis of your project to help strike a balance between enhancing your home's value and making improvements that align with your own needs and preferences.  It's not only what you choose to update, but how and which materials to use, that are important.  Knowing the design trends is key to renovations maintaining their future value.  Remember, the return on investment for home improvements can vary depending on various factors such as locations, market conditions, and individual buyer preferences. 

A couple of other random thought on homeownership -

Be sure to maintain the major systems in your home and address any existing maintenance issues or necessary repairs before focusing on cosmetic upgrades.  A well-maintained home can prevent future costly problems and is more likely to attract buyers in the future.

Be aware of any permits or regulations required for any improvements you plan to undertake.  Failure to comply with local building codes can lead to delays, penalties or difficulty selling your home in the future.  HOT TIP - make sure that you don't pay your contractor their last payment until after the final inspection is completed by the town and all permits have been closed.

First impressions matter, so investing in improving your home's curb appeal can have a positive impact on its value.  Enhancing the landscaping, painting the exterior and updating the front door is always a good idea!

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