I would like to see homes that are...
Located In...
Cost Between This Much...
...and This Much
With at least This Many Beds...
and at Least This Many Baths...

Try Market Mapper!

Market Mapper is an amazing tool that combines the power of Altos Research and Google Maps into one chart. You get all the current market conditions with real time statistics.

What's My Home Worth

Planning on buying a new home or just selling your current property? I offer a free home valuation with no pressure to sell. I will help you determine the best course of action for you.


Why List With Me?

I will prepare you every step of the way throughout the home selling process, with professional services that will include:

  • Sound and common sense advice that comes from knowledge & experience
  • Home staging services
  • Professional pictures and marketing materials
  • Implement a reasoned pricing strategy
  • Extensive Sotheby's local and worldwide market exposure
  • Social media property exposure
  • Straightforward, no-nonsense, advice
  • Negotiate a fair sales price

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Should I Sell As-Is?

Should I Sell As-Is?

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